Virtual DJ for Mac help and info

  • What is Virtual DJ for Mac Mac?

    The programme is virtual mixing DJ software that has been created to be particularly easy to use. Virtual DJ comes packed with useful features such as equaliser support and special effects that can be added to tracks while they are being played.

  • Is Virtual DJ for Mac Mac?

    People who are not planning to use the software for professional purposes can download and use it free of charge. Although a license needs to be purchased in order to access the full range of features, the free version boasts enough options to get budding DJs started.

  • Can Virtual DJ for Mac Mac be Used Professionally?

    The software is very popular among professional DJs and can be used to play sets at parties and other venues. However, it should be noted that people who want to use the software for professional purposes need to purchase a license, which will have them access to the full range of features.

  • How Do I Create a Virtual DJ for Mac Mac Account?

    Creating a new account is easy and can be done through the signup form on the company’s website. Users simply need to supply a few personal details including their name and email. A conformation email will then be sent and users simply need to click on the link in the email to complete the signup process and create their account.

  • Which Controllers is Virtual DJ for Mac Mac Compatible With?

    The software can be used with virtually any type of external hardware audio mixer. People who wish to use Virtual DJ with an external mixer will need a DJ sound card that features a minimum of two stereo outputs.

  • What Hardware Can be Used with Virtual DJ for Mac Mac?

    A wide range of HID USB and MIDI controllers can be used with Virtual DJ. People who purchase the Limited Edition of Virtual DJ will find that the controllers they need are included free of charge as part of the package.

  • Can I Run Virtual DJ for Mac Mac on My iPad?

    The programme cannot be run on mobile devices and is currently only compatible with Macs. However, it is possible to install a remote application to remotely control the programme that has been installed on a PC from an iPad, iPhone or another type of device.

  • How Can I Backup Virtual DJ for Mac Mac?

    Although the programme is very stable and does not require backing up, it is possible to burn a copy of the installation file onto a writeable CD if desired. users can also copy the programme onto a USB flash drive, although it can also be downloaded free of charge from the company’s website.

  • Does Virtual DJ for Mac Mac Work with Linux?

    Although there are plans to launch Virtual DJ on Linux in the future, at this time it is only available for Mac users. MacOS users need Snow Leopard or above.

  • Can I Change My Virtual DJ for Mac Mac Password?

    Users can change their password quickly and conveniently through the Account page. Simply click on the Change Password button, enter your old password and then fill in the new password.

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